/inˈvizəbəl/ /ˈfu̇t-ˌprint/ – An impression of the foot on a surface that is incapable by nature of being seen.

Save What You Can – A School Special

Challenge accepted!

“The DIY goddess is here again to make Mother Earth proud!”

“Hmm let’s see what we can find… opps looks like someone has been using too much toliet paper *ahem ahem* “

Convert cardboard toliet rolls into holders for organising almost anything: hair accessories, cables, stationary, the list goes on.

Of course, you can spice it up a little and decorate it yourself. Have fun!

“Round and round it goes…”

Reuse old disk holders as cable storage containers. Keeps the dust away too!

 Be creative and store other things such as donuts.

“I scream you scream we all scream for ice cream~”

Don’t throw away that precious plastic container.Wash it clean and you now have a free container for storing things.

An estimated 10% of the world’s plastics end up in the ocean and eventually break down into marine debris. Wildlife may mistakenly consume these as food, and we may consume such fishes in turn.

“So, still too troublesome to wash it?”

“GAH be gone energy vampire!”

Surprise surprise! Many of the electronic devices in your room are still drawing electricity, even if you’re not using them.

Known as standby power, it can account for 10% of an average household’s annual electricity consumption. After all, even small amounts of electricity multiplied by the many appliances applied 24 hours a day can lead to significant wastage and unnecessary electricity expenses.

Ways to slay the vampire:

1) Unplug all unused appliances.

2) Use a smart power strip. If it’s too much of an inconvenience to constantly unplug frequently used devices, you can rely on smart power strips that do the job for you. Various kinds are available. Essentially, they monitor electricity use and stop idle current from being drawn from your outlets.

“Stay away from that air-condition remote! A good ole fan can do the job just fine.”

“But it’s so HOT!


“C’mon Sandy, don’t be such a princess!”

“Why’d you have to do this to me Mother Nature? WHY?!”

5 torturous minutes later…

“I can’t take this!”

“Off to meet Jo for a study session!”

Remember to save electricity and switch off the lights whenever you leave the room, even for just 15 minutes. Turning off fluorescent lights for more than 5 seconds will save more energy than will be consumed in turning them back on again.

Try to utilise natural lighting as much as possible – work in the outdoors with your buddy!

If you’re lucky, you may experience cooling winds. Unfortunately, our two friends above barely lasted half an hour under the hot sun before breaking into a sweat.

“Maybe next time we should pick a less sunny spot!”

Readings, notes, lesson slides – studying really takes up a lot of paper usage! In Singapore, paper is the most common type of waste. About 1.26 million tonnes of paper waste was generated in 2008.

Reduce paper wastage by printing/photocopying on both sides of the paper.

If possible, try to minimise other paper usage using the following tips:

  • Buy secondhand textbooks from school seniors instead of purchasing new ones
  • Avoid printing emails and web pages
  • Use email instead of fax
  • Reduce junk mail
  • Use rags for cleaning instead of paper towels
  • Read newspapers/magazines online


Make a conscious effort to bring your own reusable food container when ordering takeaways. Just imagine how much material wastage you will be causing if you took the lazy route…

In 2011, 1,330kg of waste was generated by each person. Only 59% was recycled. (Singapore Waste Statistics 2011)

Do your part by cutting down and recycling whatever you can, whenever you can.

“Just keep walking, just keep walking… Ahhh where are the recycling bins!”

Sometimes, recycling bins may not be conveniently located near you. Don’t give up!

“AHA! Found them! Off to your new life Mr. Bottle…”

“…so long Mr. Cardboard!”

Annual carbon emissions:

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